Short Term Medical Health

If you are healthy and have COBRA, a short term medical (STM) health insurance policy may be a much better alternative to the HIGH cost of a COBRA plan. And Short Term can be as long as 3 years!

COBRA is expensive. A family of three may pay $1800 a month for a COBRA plan (and have a super high deductible of $12,000 or more) and may never use it during that time while looking for permanent coverage through a new job. A short term medical health plan is a VERY good and less-expensive option to COBRA.

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If you have an ACA (Obamacare) plan and do not receive a subsidy, then you are a good fit for a Short Term Health plan. Treat the plan like a major medical plan and you will save plenty on your monthly premiums to use for preventive services out of pocket. I regularly see the cost of health insurance cut in half by use of a short term plan. It’s like funding your own private HSA (Health Savings Account) with the savings you receive and you can spend that money wherever you decide!

Short Term Medical gives you the flexibility to get the coverage you
need, with the options you want, for the time that best suits you.
Get access to benefits and options that provide financial protection
for the everyday and the unexpected, such as:

• Doctor visits and preventive care.
• Emergency room and hospital stays.
• Pharmacy benefits and discount options.

Together with network providers like Aetna®, and through partners
like LIFE Association, our Short Term Medical plans can save you
more on your health care; and help you keep your wallet, coverage,
and wellness going strong.

Access to Aetna!

Choose your doctor from more than 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists across 5,700 hospitals in the Aetna Open Choice® PPO Network

Take a look at the product brochure from National General – an industry leader for Short Term Medical health insurance and then give me a call for rates and benefit overview.

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