Don’t Make Your Story A Sad One. Protect Your Family With The Right Insurance.

As an insurance broker, my job is to help you find holes in your financial umbrella and fix them so that you and your family are protected from financial disaster in time of sickness, accidents and death.  
Sadly, I hear stories regularly from potential clients who did not get coverage when it was offered and then fall ill to cancer or stroke and they regret not having received the coverage they requested when it was offered, but instead put it off to another time.  Now they are not insurable because they were struck with an illness.  The reason I wrote this blog/email four days before Christmas is that I spoke with a woman today who kept putting off coverage this Fall and was diagnosed with lung cancer last week and was in the hospital today for a procedure to cut it out.  She didn’t get coverage when it was offered and now regrets it.  It hit home.
This does not have to happen this way.  The statistics are alarming.  50% of men and 30% of women will be diagnosed with cancer.  36% of cancer patients will deplete their savings to fight the disease!  24% will borrow against their retirement and 37% are concerned about bankrupting their family when dealing with the disease.  This is from industry statistics provided by Mutual of Omaha.
Express Issue Mortgage Protection and/or Life Insurance can offer chronic illness, critical illness and disability coverage built into the policies.  It can pay a lump sum up front with any of these diagnoses.  If you were struck with cancer, wouldn’t $25,000 come in handy?  You could focus on getting better and not having to worry how the monthly bills are going to get paid when you can’t work.
It doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are a lot of carriers out there that offer a variety of plans and coverage options and price ranges.  Let me help you sort through it all.  As a broker, I do the heavy lifting for you.  I will interview you and shop the carriers to find the best combination of benefits and price that fits your financial budget and goals.
Call me at 843-732-8732 or request a quote at my website and I can present you with the options to cover you and your family from this type of disaster.
At your service,Morton